You know the feeling. You walk out of the meeting, and you have a sinking feeling in your stomach, or perhaps your jaw is tight with frustration. “What just happened in there?” you think, “Did we accomplish anything at all?”

If too many people in your group leave meetings feeling this way very often, participation and commitment are likely to dwindle over time, jeopardizing the broad engagement and shared leadership that are hallmarks of effective groups. As your facilitator, my job is to help you:

  • Define the desired results of your meeting,
  • Design an agenda that creates a pathway to those results, and
  • Facilitate the meeting according to our agreed-upon guidelines.

Regardless of the length of my engagement with you, I always take a developmental approach to facilitation: one of my goals is that your group will learn something enabling you to do a better of job of managing your own process in the future. Learning could include changes such as: stronger relationships, a deeper understanding of good meeting practice, increased skill in meeting design, and/or ideas about different approaches to collective decision-making.


Learning by Design

Experiential learning is a key component of individual and organizational development — and it’s happening all the time. Without intentionality, though, much of what we learn through experience remains inaccessible and unused.

Intentionally processing experience through reflection, expansion, and application focuses and magnifies individual learning.

When shared, individual learning can become organizational learning, thereby helping an organization advance toward its goals. I can help you by bringing intentionality and focus to learning in your organization through multiple vehicles including: experiential professional development workshops in communication and facilitation, facilitation for a project team’s on-going or after-the-fact evaluation of its work, design and facilitation of staff retreats, development of an organization-wide learning plan, or other activities that serve your goals.