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Design and facilitate experiential learning events such as:

  • Cross-site learning meetings among sites funded for the same initiative or project and/or working toward similar goals
  • Staff development workshops and retreats within or across organizations
  • Board development workshops and retreats
  • Mid or post-project reflection and formative evaluation sessions for staff, board, or multi-organization groups

Coach and facilitate multi-organization collaborations, public/private partnerships, and community engagement efforts focused on system change. This work usually involves helping the group:

  • Clarify the desired results
  • Map out strategies for achieving those results
  • Develop an action plan and structure for mutual accountability

This work also may include:

  • Education regarding the art and practice of collaboration
  • Community asset mapping and/or other data-gathering
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Leadership coaching

Design and implement strategic planning processes or overall organizational development processes for an individual organization. This work generally includes elements similar to those for multi-organization efforts described above and may also include:

  • Staff and/or board development workshops and retreats
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Organizational assessment processes

Facilitate program planning and evaluation for an organization or a project team. Whether it is the beginning, middle, or end of a project, facilitated planning and evaluation can help staff focus on what you hope to accomplish, what’s happened to date, what you have learned from that, and what needs to happen next.

Design and facilitate board and staff retreats that may be a part of one of the broader efforts described above or serve other organizational goals.

The two questions always on my mind are, “What are the results you are seeking?” and “What have we learned, and how do we apply what we’ve learned to what’s coming next?”

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