My Commitments

Susan-structuresMy mission is to help people and groups imagine where they want to go and create a path to get there.

Commitment to learning is at the core of everything I do. Whether or not learning and capacity building is an explicit element of my contract with you, one of my goals always is to help individuals and groups build their own skills and ability to move forward.

Listening to you is always the best place to begin. I will work with you to understand your current situation and environment and figure out our next steps together.

I believe that everyone has something to offer, and I have the ability and desire to meet people where they are and build effective relationships across diverse backgrounds and circumstances. “Eyes on the prize” is an orientation that helps build momentum and mitigate differences.

I am devoted to outcome-based planning, reflection, assessment, and continuous improvement. The two questions always on my mind are, “What are the results you are seeking?” and “What have we learned, and how do we apply what we’ve learned to what’s coming next?”

“Eyes on the prize” is an orientation that helps build momentum and mitigate differences.

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"My facilitation training with Susan was one of the most important professional development experiences I’ve had. I built a strong knowledge of facilitation techniques, principles of meeting and process design, and methods for coaching groups toward a common goal over time. I wouldn’t be effective at my job without these skills. Far too many meetings, conferences, and group processes have the right substance but the design and process are too flawed for it to matter. In addition to benefiting from Susan’s direct training, I learned from observing her expert facilitation and coaching in MDC’s programs. The communication skills and process techniques I learned through Susan are even helpful outside of work; I catch myself making use of them in interactions with neighbors, when I’m making complex decisions, and even in my friendships. These skills should be prioritized in professional development, but they are often overlooked and rarely invested in." Alyson Zandt, Program Manager, MDC